Trolley Modeling in N Scale

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The Nevada State Museum ~ Sunday, August 28, 2016

Back to our last vacation... we make one more trip to Carson city and visited the Nevada State Museum. The museum covers the state's natural and human history, and a quite a few interesting exhibits--include a simulated mine and ghost town. The building was originally a mint and there is still a coin press machine, operational until recently and hopefully to be restored.

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Train in Japantown ~ Friday, August 12, 2016

The original WP line to San Jose sneaks into town on the east side, and passes by Japantown, where we saw this freight while drinking coffee. (We just dropped off the kids at the SJ airport for their first unsupervised plane trip!)

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Glasses Train ~ Tuesday, August 09, 2016

I kind of like this self-advertisement the VTA has put on some of their light rail trains this summer.

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Virginia City and the V&T ~ Sunday, August 07, 2016

The next stop was Virginia City.

We saw a western show--it was a lot of fun.

The kids went on a mine tour, which starts at the back of the Ponderosa Saloon (where kids are welcome except literally at the bar).

Afterwards we rode the V&T to Gold Hill and back.

The engineer had a buddy (click on picture to see full-size). I told him "you wouldn't get a cat to do that", but at first he misunderstood and said back "it's a Cummins". I meant no disrespect to the Caterpillar company or their AFAIK fine Diesel engine products! The locomotive is an 80-ton GE.

Anyway, everyone enjoyed the ride.

The tracks wind along the side of a cliff, so you get a great view of desert scenery, plus old mines and shacks, and the V&T's own shops.

A few more scenes around the V&T depot and Virginia City generally. Note the SN caboose. How did it end up here?

We were slightly surprised to see a TARDIS on the way out of town. We tried to take a picture but none came out. Must have dematerialized! There's also a tree covered with old shoes and another tree growing out of a rusty car. These are all on the uphill side of the road as you exit town back towards Carson.

Another interesting landmark on the way to or from Virginia City is this giant spider made out of an old VW. It's in Mound House, which is not much of a town but was once the transloading point between the V&T and the narrow gauge Carson & Colorado line that went to the Owens Valley.

We were hungry when we got back to Carson City (pretty much everything in Virginia closed up at 5:00) and found this Salvadorean place on the way into town on the 50. Pupusas! It was pretty good.

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More Scenes around the Nevada State Railway Museum ~ Saturday, August 06, 2016

There's quite a lot to see at the NSRM. There are several pieces of original Virginia & Truckee rolling stock:

The NSRM has another operating "doodlebug", from the Tuscon, Cornelia, and Gila Bend. It was in the shops and I only got a shot through a window, but you can read about it here.

Sometimes the not-yet-restored (or even hopeless) items around museums are interesting too, such as this industrial critter, and the remains of a railtruck or railbus on a flatcar:

They have Nevada's Merci Train car on display. A few years ago we saw Hawai'i's.

I don't know what the story of this small train-mounted cannon is. It looks just like the one in Buster Keaton's The General.

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Fwd: A Ride on a McKeen Car ~ Thursday, August 04, 2016

We've been spending a week at Lake Tahoe, and a few days ago we made a side trip to Nevada. We went to the Nevada State Railway Museum in Carson City, and rode a McKeen car, which the museum has restored from a rusty shell formerly used as a diner. The Glenbrook was also steamed up and running.

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Recycled Half Beetle ~ Saturday, July 30, 2016

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House Moving ~ Thursday, July 21, 2016

The other day I got on a train to work, which showed up about when I expected mine, but turned out to be an express that skipped my usual stop of Mountain View, and my usual alternative stop of Sunnyvale, and went all the way to Santa Clara. I'm still not sure if I reached the station earlier than usual, and wasn't paying attention, or if CalTrain was delayed and I was getting on a train that was supposed to be a little earlier.

There wasn't a train heading back north for quite a while, but I had my bike. Riding all the way to my office was a bit farther than I had in mind, but there was a good route to a VTA light rail stop (near Great America and the new 49er's stadium).

Santa Clara is full of interesting model-worthy old houses ranging in style from Victorian to Craftsman. I came across one in the process of being moved, and took some pictures.

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Pokémon ~ Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The world's gone nuts for this silly game.

We walked around downtown Redwood City so that the kids could catch some.

It really looked like *everyone* was playing it.

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çµ ~ Monday, July 11, 2016

Walked away from my computer for a minute, came back and found "çµ" mysteriously typed on my computer. This guy is suspected.

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