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New Mico Layout ~ Sunday, August 26, 2007

I've decided to build something permanent with my Tomix track.

Our neighborhood craft store (a Michael's) has nice quality plywood in handy sizes for micro layouts--2x1' fits an oval of Tomix 103mm/4" radius track, with room for a barn and one siding, and that's the size I'm going for.

It's on a frame of 3/4" wood. I'm putting cabinet handles on the ends for ease in carrying it around, and will try to keep the electrical connections neat looking to (panel-mounted RCA jacks, probably). There will be little rubber in each corner to keep it from scratching up whatever I put it on.

I'm trying to aim for a showable-on-the-dining-room-table level of workmanship here, rather than the garage-only sort of carpentry I usually bang out!

Incidentally, the left end is "downtown", and the right is "out in the country".

If you're wondering about the end table--well, that's just too small. I think I'm going to refinish it and put a phone on it.

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