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I Missed the Party ~ Sunday, May 04, 2008

20 Minutes/20 Minuten, a Swiss newspaper (I think the name means it's supposed to take 20 minutes to read, but with my German, it's more like an afternoon project) reports that Zürich teenagers are taking over late night trams for wild parties.

Click here for the article, with video.

They put up color filters on the lights, play boom boxes, smoke, drink, graffiti, and generally get unruly.

The Swiss police don't put up with this, and according to the article, break things up with rubber bullets and tear gas.

A spokesperson for the VBZ (Zürich transit) says "We are not very enthusiastic about such parties, although we find the idea creative in principle"; though 20 Minuten notes, the youths have taken the agency's slogan "Where we are, Zürich lives" very literally.

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