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Light Rail Work Equipment ~ Saturday, March 07, 2009

Like the trolley lines of earlier days, modern light rail systems have their share of work equipment. It generally isn't electrically powered, but can be funky and interesting nonetheless.

Baltimore's light rail gets points for both style and saving taxpayers money by using this classy vintage centercab diesel:

Here's a tamper machine on the (San Jose) VTA:

The crew seems to be deciding what to do next:

They also have a Hi-Rail truck:

Hi-Rail trucks are familiar sights on mainline railroads like CalTrain:

Commuter railroads also use full size trains for work equipment, like this ballast train on CalTrain:

SF Muni keeps vintage equipment in active duty in the non-revenue department, just as it does with its more visible streetcar equipment. This line car was inherited from predecessor Market, and has been rebuilt significantly over the years (especially for work in the subway), and is still giving good service as it approaches its 100th birthday.

New Orleans RTA keeps this even older (1899) single-trucker on the property as work car:

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