Trolley Modeling in N Scale

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How Should I Power This? ~ Sunday, April 03, 2011

A local store which sells odd remaindered items had this egg-trike contraption for sale; I think you're supposed to put it in your garden to hold plants.

But the wheels actually turn, and the handlebars work, and a small person at least can sit in it.

It would be fun to turn this into an actual vehicle. Make it pedal-powered. Or install a battery and an electric motor. Or maybe it should be steam-powered?

In other springtime shopping, we encountered this cat who lives in the garden department of our local (Redwood City) OSH. The people who work there put out food and water, and even installed a kitty bed under the plant display.

The cat is elusive, but Nate made friends.

Even though I go to this store fairly frequently, I hadn't seen this cat for a few years--basically since Wini was this age. She also got to pet it a few times. The store staff tells me this cat has been here for years, so I guess it really is the same one. It just likes kids!

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