Trolley Modeling in N Scale

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Wine Box to Wooden Train Bridge ~ Sunday, June 12, 2011

A few weeks ago I picked up a wooden wine box for a buck or so at a garage sale. I figured it would be a classy container for organizing (train) stuff in the garage.

Inside there were two pieces of wood with round cut-outs for holding wine bottles, like this (adding a bottle from my cabinet for illustrative purposes!):

Stand it on it's edge, and it sure looks like a bridge.

I thought Nathan could use something like that for his wooden trains. Instead of one long bridge, I cut out the middle arch and made two segments like this. (It's all held together with wood glue--if that doesn't hold, I'll add some screws).

This gives us a little more flexibility in arranging elevated track layouts. The "feet" are for stability and to elevate the roadbed up to the level of other bridge pieces we have, which are high enough for trains to go under.

I rummaged through our boxes of wooden tracks and found some straight pieces. They're just long enough to leave a bit of the bridge support exposed for connecting pieces of track to rest on.

Put it all together, and it starts to look like something sure to make Nathan happy--a BART layout.

He seems to be enjoying it.

"Go, BART train, go!"

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