Trolley Modeling in N Scale

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Book Shopping in San Mateo ~ Saturday, September 15, 2012

B Street Books in San Mateo is between the CalTrain station and a couple of our usual destinations, Central Park, Talbot's Toyland (great toy/hobby/game/bike shop), and Yogurtouille, and conveniently kitty-corner from Peets.

It's a pretty good used book store, where I've found everything from a 19th century collection of German comics to kids books. Right now, thanks to a couple of estate sales, they have more train and trolley books than they can fit on their shelves. Prices are pretty reasonable, so I picked up a couple. The most likely to come in handy modelling is "Cars of Pacific Electric vol I", which has pictures and blueprints of the PE's city and suburban fleet; also, "Curious George Takes the Train".

This would be a challenge in N scale. Someday!

Incidentally, this is what B Street in San Mateo looked like about a hundred years ago. (From my collection of trolley-themed postcards).

In other trolley news, we rode the J line to Dolores Park, and saw a Milano on 30th St on the way back to the barn.

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