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Across L.A. by Transit ~ Friday, November 23, 2012

While my wife and mother-in-law drove from Redondo Beach to Pomona, to visit my sister-in-law, the kids and I took the scenic route.

The basic transit itinerary is Metro Green Line -> Metro Blue Line (modern version of the P.E. Long Beach Line) -> Red Line Subway -> Union Station -> Metrolink San Bernardino Line (that's Google's option #3 with the blue square). We made a slight diversion in the middle to ride Angels Flight, and walked through some interesting parts of downtown to Olvera St.

Sculpture in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art, apparently made of Airplane parts. I have a movie pitch: the sole human survivors of the zombie apocalypse are holed up in MOCA with a toolbox, and have to re-assemble this into a working airplane to escape...

My sister-in-law recommended we meet up in Claremont, near Pomona, because it's a nice place to walk around. The station is classic Santa Fe depot.

... and if you're ever in town looking for coffee or something tasty, Some Crust Bakery is a block away and highly recommended.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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