Trolley Modeling in N Scale

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Splicing the Hyde St Rope ~ Saturday, November 10, 2012

Last weekend, we visited Chinatown. Today, Nathan asked if we could go back--he especially wanted to go back and pet this cat, which hangs out in front of a Grant Ave. shop.

Afterwards we walked up Washington to the Cable Car Barn/Powerhouse/Museum. It turned out to be a good day to visit because the crew was in the middle of splicing in a new cable (it was a bad day to ride the Hyde St line, since that was the cable that was out of service).

This is how they've been doing it for over a century.

Note that the core of the wire rope is actually a regular fiber rope.

Later we walked up over the top of the Hill (Nob? Russian? I've never actually gotten them all straight),

caught a random bus, and ended up here:

A modeller always needs some paint or glue or something, right? It's a pretty good shop. Nate got a balsa glider kit.

We moseyed back to the F line, rode to the Ferry Building, took the T to CalTrain, headed home.

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