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Fremont Heisler Revisited, via BART ~ Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Nathan and I took another trip to the East Bay the other day. We rode BART from Union City to the end of the line at Fremont. The BART tracks cross over the mainline tracks used by Capitol Corridor just east of the siding where the Heisler mentioned in the last post is stored, and if you look quickly, you can get a glimpse of it.

I had my camera ready. The first shot was not too successful:

(No doubt Facebook will choose this for a thumbnail)

My second did a little better:

Zoom in, and bingo!

Notice the cylinder. That's a Heisler, all right! (Read everything you ever wanted to know about them here).

The Fremont BART station is not exactly in a really happening area, but it's close to a large park, which we did not let the recent wet weather keep us from enjoying:

Just a couple more presents to put under that tree!

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