Trolley Modeling in N Scale

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Along the Embarcadero ~ Monday, January 21, 2013

Nathan & I spent the afternoon of MLK day in the City; up by BART to Powell, and discovered no line for the cable cars, so how could we not ride?

At the end of the Hyde St. line we looked around the maritime museum, and discovered that a large paddle-wheel on display was from the P&SR's stern-wheeler Petaluma.

We started our trip home via F-Line PCC trolley #1040 (historically significant as the last PCC built in North America, one of the handful of F-Line PCC's that were original to Muni, and a representative of the green/cream "wings" livery).

Back by the Ferry Building, we noticed that the artwork "Raygun Gothic Spaceship" had an occupant.

For you Doctor Who fans: A seagull... on a spaceship!

You are probably not supposed to play on public art, but nobody said not to:

At least that giant spider is gone. Yikes!

From Cupid's Span it's was a quick trip on the N/T line to CalTrain, where we caught an express to home.

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