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Electric Clock Repair ~ Sunday, March 10, 2013

We have this clock on the wall, which looks nice, but always runs down and starts going slower and slower.

I've long suspected that it's because the "mechanism", which is one of those little single-AA-battery ones you find behind lots of littler clocks, like this silly Ikea bee clock we have in Nathan's room,

just is a tad overstrained by the larger hands of our world map clock; or at least the single battery is. So I tried an experiment, adding a second AA battery in parallel (which will keep the same voltage, but provide twice the "oomph", to use the technical term--don't put them in series or you'll double the voltage and the clock will run twice as fast, or maybe explode...)

That was a week ago, and changing the time this morning (never mind that spring forward/fall back crap; just set your wall clocks according to your cellphone...) I noticed that the big clock seems to be keeping time now.

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