Trolley Modeling in N Scale

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The Henry Ford Museum ~ Saturday, July 05, 2014

During down-time we visited the Henry Ford Museum, which has quite a bit more than just cars, and I also snapped a few pictures of a train through the gate of the adjacent (but separately-ticketed) Greenfield Village.

For a train and transit modeller, some of the highlights of the Ford Museum, besides lots and lots of cars that would make nice background pieces for a trolley layout, are a Ft Collins Birney, the first Bluebird schoolbus, an Ingersoll-Rand boxcab (the first successful Diesel-Electric locomotive type), and the bus on which Rosa Parks defied segregation. There are also large stationary steam engines, and steam tractors. And more cars. There is disassembled model T suspended on wires, like a full-size 3-dimensional exploded diagram, and I will be consulting pictures of it the next time I make a model of one. Also planes, clocks and a Wienermobile.

The Greenfield village is a reconstruction of a typical American small town as they once were, with a steam train you can ride around the perimeter.

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