Trolley Modeling in N Scale

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Rail Fair at Ardenwood ~ Monday, September 01, 2014

Nathan and I visited the Washington Township Railroad Fair at Ardenwood Park, where several small visiting steam engines were running the trains (instead of the usual four-legged motive power).

The SP narrow gauge car 1010 was open for inspection. The plumbing of this car--or rather, the lack of it, is always a fascinating detail to kids:

We also rode (and pushed) a handcar, by virtue of becoming members of the Society for Preservation of Carter Railroad Resources, rode a speeder and trailer to visit the society's barn/workshop, where some really old and not-yet-restored equipment is kept, that I have previously only know of from their website.

For the ride back, Nate got to ride in the speeder cab and had the privilege of hoking the horn! :)

A few more scenes from the day:

Crank organs:

Eating an apple we picked ourselves:

Feeding goats:

Milking a fake cow:

Repairs to a (stub) switch:

A butterfly. I always try to take pictures of butterflies, and seldom get one, but had better luck today.

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