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Metrolink Cars on CalTrain ~ Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Los Angeles Metrolink has been upgrading its fleet with new crash-resistant cars (which have already proven their worth) and selling some of its older Bombardiers to CalTrain (which has a better record of avoiding crashes).

I saw these cars parked at the SF station a few weeks ago and they have just now entered service. They have not been repainted except for the logos, which makes for interesting consists. They are also riveted, unlike the rest of CalTrain's totally smooth welded Bombardiers.

I haven't yet gotten to ride one of the ex-Metrolink cars--they're not on my usual trains. CalTrain has been using them to make 6-car trains, which only fit at the platforms of certain stations.

They are slated for conversion to bike cars, allowing trains with three bike cars, which us bike/train commuters will really appreciate.

Of course, café cars (AM commute) and bar cars (PM) would also be appreciated!

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