Trolley Modeling in N Scale

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2015 Skating Trip ~ Sunday, July 12, 2015

This year's Theatre on Ice national competition was in Hyannis, MA; our team had a musical theme. Wini was costumed as a piano.

We built some interesting props this year. Here you can see some kettledrums. The framework is PVC pipe; the kettle of the kettledrums are plastic umbrellas turned upside down, with the handles cut off. It's all covered with shiny red fabric material, precisely sewed by our costumes creator.

In the background you can see a giant metronome, which I will describe in more detail in the next post.

Here's a peek in the props tent. Nathan is checking out a competing team's chocolate factory prop. This was for the St Louis team, who you may recall built a rideable trolley prop for last year's show.

There are a few perks to being the sibling of a skating-team member, so as going to the beach,

Or getting to have a snowball fight on a hot summer day, thanks to the Zamboni dumping the ice it scrapes into the parking lot.

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