Trolley Modeling in N Scale

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The Poway-Midland Railway ~ Thursday, July 20, 2017

We were planning a stop at the Orange Empire Railway Museum, but it was 108° as we passed Perris, and even I had to admit it was too hot!  We can come back in a more temperate time of year.

Anyway,  near where we are staying in northern San Diego County is another museum to check out,  the Poway-Midland Railway (http://www.powaymidlandrr.org/). So the next day, after stopping for lunch at Killer Pizza From Mars in Escondido (recommended both for the pizza and sci-fi kitsch decor), we went to Poway (pronouned "pow-way", not "poe-way").

This is a small operation, just a loop of track in a park full of historic buildings (kind of like History San Jose in Kelly Park), but they have some interesting equipment. We got to ride an LARy trolley originally built in 1894 (!) which is now the oldest car we've ever ridden (beating out Muni's 578, built 1896). It was retired in the 1920's and sold to a movie studio--it'd be interesting to track down and watch some of it's appearances (trolleys and silent movies are two hobbies that go well together).

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