Trolley Modeling in N Scale

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Rubber-Tired Models ~ Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Any trolley layout is going to have street scenes, and for those you need lots of vehicles--cars, trucks, buggies, whatever.

There's a lot of pretty nice kits for these out there, and they make nice little self-contained projects you can take on when you're short of time or space or money. Here's a few I've built over the years.

This is Chevy Truck from a kit by a company called CnC or C&C Softmetal Castings, now I think out of business. This was the first model I built after a gap lasting from high school to grad school, so I was pretty happy with how it came out.

This Model A truck is a one-piece pewter casting by Detail Associates. With some careful brushpainting, they make up nicely.

Here's another Model A variant, from a GHQ kit. Defintely more detail on this version.

This Milk Wagon is from a Musket Miniatures/Rustic Rails kit, and is destined to go by a rural freight platform on an interurban line some day.

A Peterbilt truck from another GHQ kit. Even more detail parts on this one. The side mirrors that came with the kit were too fiddly, so I made new ones with bits of wire and pin-heads.

I added some finger-nail decals to this VW beetle, then added a little "mud" paint to give it a Hippie road trip look.

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