Trolley Modeling in N Scale

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The Layout Already ~ Saturday, July 08, 2006

In lieu of a trackplan, here's a shot taken from a ladder, cropped to minimize your view of my messy garage.

It's a basic loop. The left side is "country", the right is "city"--note the street trackage in the back right, which will be "downtown" with false front buildings. The diagonally crossing track at the left edge of the layout represents a steam-road interchange, and squeezed between it and the downtown area will be a barn. The front right area will be a park with a bandstand, etc.

The double track section will allow clockwise-running and counter-clockwise trains to meet and get around each other, and will also allow run-around moves for switching freight cars.

Wiring for the layout is organized around an power bus along the back edge, with feeders to the rails (and when I build it, the overhead) as needed. Black goes to the outside rail, green to the inside, the overhead will be red.

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