Trolley Modeling in N Scale

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Reading up on your Favorite Line ~ Monday, December 06, 2010

Try this:

  • Go to http://books.google.com.
  • Type "electric railway journal" + keyword(s) for your favorite line (road name, city name, etc).

Searching for Petaluma, I found this from 1912:
Petaluma & Santa Rosa Railway, Petaluma, Cal.--Surveys for the extension out of Petaluma have been made by the engineers of this company as far as Tomales. The projected line will branch at Two Rocks, one line extending to Valley Ford and the other to Tomales, then down Keys Creek to the ocean beach.

Nothing ever came of this except a short extension to a quarry at Two Rock, a few miles west of Petaluma.

Above it is a notice about the start of construction of the PE's subway.

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