Trolley Modeling in N Scale

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Toy Recommendation ~ Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Plan Toys calls this a modern train.

To Nathan, it's ORANGE BENDY TROLLEY!!!, his favorite present from his recent 2nd birthday--actually, his favorite toy of all time, I think:

He's had wooden trains and tracks (btw for basic track and train sets, I recommend IKEA), and a DIY train table to play with them on for some time. They're generally rated for ages 3+; he's never shown any inclination to eat his trains, so I haven't worried about the are recommendations, but he hasn't really played with them as trains til now--Toddlers aren't quite coordinated enough to keep a magnetically-coupled train together while rolling it around.

This one, however, is a more or less permanently-articulated set, held together by plastic hooks that snap together. Nathan has only accidentally uncoupled it once. So he's able to roll his trolley around a track loop and up and down bridges, and I added some switches so it can go around different ways--and he'll play with it happily for quite a long time.

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