Trolley Modeling in N Scale

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E Line ~ Monday, September 09, 2013

This last Saturday Nate and I took the train up to the City, taking advantage of the relatively recent weekend express trains (just 30 mins from Redwood City to downtown); and no cheating (aka driving part way) this time, we walked and scootered to the station.

The waterfront was kind of crazy with both the America's Cup and a Giants game going on simultaneously. On the plus side, this meant that the Muni was running a demo of the planned future E Line (here is the Market Street Railway's writeup), which meant that double-ended historic cars were running all the way along the Embarcadero down to the CalTrain station. We rode an old favorite, a red-and-cream Philadelphia Red Arrow liveried car.

A few detail shots, inside and out.

Our destination was Nate's new favorite destination for outings, bowling.

On the way back, we rode a classic Muni-painted green and cream PCC.

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