Trolley Modeling in N Scale

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Railfan Photography by Nathan ~ Sunday, March 30, 2014

Nathan got a little "kid camera" for Christmas, and has been having fun with it, taking pictures of whatever strikes his fancy.

My messy garage, for example. Thanks, Nate!

And what modern kid doesn't take selfies?

He also likes finding the ß's in German books.

Today we took off for one of our adventures, and he brought his camera along.

We passed Facebook Headquarters.

And cross the Dumbarton bridge, which parallels the currently-unused Dumbarton railway bridge.

We went to the Fremont/Centerville Amtrak depot, and the railfan-photography began.

He told the semaphore to smile :)

About a mile east of the station we passed the Fremont Heisler that I've written about before.

A little farther along is the Fremont BART maintenance facility:

We arrived at Oakland/Jack London Square station, and took a few more picture of our train and others:

The snack car is a major advantage of Amtrak trains in Nate's opinion!

I'll close with a few artsy shots.

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