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Backyard Fence ~ Tuesday, April 01, 2014

After a partial hiatus (some other work has gone on in the meantime that isn't ready to show yet) the green house+garage project is moving forward.

The two structures are planned to go together, mounted on adjacent lot-sized bases, with a back yard between them, on the lot containing the garage. It's a small yard right up against the sidewalk, and the occupants need some privacy, so I built a 6' board fence from styrene.

The individual boards were cut from evergreen strip with an NWSL Chopper, and glued onto horizontal beams. The bottom beam is right at ground level, which is not advised for real-life fences, since the wood will rot, but made the fence a lot easier to glue to the base. The fence boards were distressed with a steel weathering brush from Micro Mark (we'll see if that's actually visible after painting) and glued to the beams with intentional hairline gaps. The length of the fence didn't turn out to be an exact multiple of board-widths, so I split one in half... I can actually see an example of this on the fence around our house from the garage window by my workbench, so I'm pretty sure this is prototypical!

At the end closest to the house, the fence jogs inward because the back of the house (bathroom addition) is set back a bit. This has the extra advantage of anchoring the fence to the base in two dimensions. For the same reason, and also just because it's more interesting, I made the gate (at the garage end) open, and glued it down.

This is starting to make the bare model street look a bit more like a neighborhood--and it'd be a nice place to live, too, if it weren't for marauding dinosaurs!

Maybe it's a movie shoot.

Incidentally I am gluing all this together with the new-ish Testors liquid cement in the square-shaped (sort-of) container with the pointy dispenser, which I have not used before. It is somewhat thicker than the pure solvent that comes in jars, but much thinner than the "model airplane glue" stuff that you squeeze out of a tube. Seems to be working fairly well here.

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