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Cought up with the Dome Car in South City ~ Sunday, July 29, 2012

We swung by the South San Francisco yard today, and just as I suspected, the recently-seen dome car was parked there, coupled to the caboose we sometimes see on peninsula freight turns.

It was quite accommodating of the UP to pick up the car on a Friday, giving railfans a whole weekend to check it out here, since local freights are weekdays only.

The reporting mark shows that it's registered to the American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners.

A search for the specific car brought up a link to a thread on TrainOrders.com.

South San Francisco, nicknamed "South City" (because San Francisco is "The City" around here, I guess), is known locally for a giant sign on a hill proclaiming it "the industrial city", and it's industrial past is also memorialized by a mural at the CalTrain station (in other respects a pretty dismal station--basically a platform under an overpass).

These days it's evolved into a hub of biotechnology.

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