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Dome Car on the Move at the Port of Redwood City ~ Friday, July 27, 2012

Nathan and I are in the habit of poking around the Port of Redwood City, where you can find a mix of traditional industry, like a cement plant, offices of Silicon Valley companies (plus Dreamworks Animation), a working port with freight trains, and tucked away on a siding, a few older pieces of rolling stock. One is a GE centercab (early vintage, with siderods), another is a streamlined dome car. Lately, a V&T truck has been parked out there and some maintenance work has been going on.

Tonight we saw the dome car coupled into the nightly train of hoppers that goes out to the port and (probably with loads to the cement plant, but I've never figured out absolutely what the traffic is exactly), heading back towards the main (CalTrain peninsula) line.

Local freight turns operate out of the South San Francisco yard--we'll check it out tomorrow.

Otherwise, maybe we'll see this car in Nevada some day.

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